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Welcome to Chris Stern's Business "Web Book"
This "Web Book" is a business publication experiment. I believe this format has the potential to be more interactive and flexible than a traditional book. Enjoy!

Business is simple, until academics and consultants make it complicated!

Chris Stern began his professional career at a small textile company and while working full-time went on to obtain his education in business administration. He later worked for two international consulting firms where he helped major clients to significantly improve productivity and strategic planning.

In 1996 Chris founded IFEM, a small international boutique consulting firm guiding mid-size companies towards sustainable strategic market positions. In addition, Chris regularly teaches business management seminars for a leading provider of continuous education in Europe. Through his consulting work, Chris has served in chief executive positions, and has held a number of board directorships. 

This web book thrives from Chris' wide array of real-life experiences. 
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